Life is short but fun

yup, I said it: life is short. I am very young and probably should not think about dying…. but I do. I am not depressed, ohh no but thinking about me in a casket helps me live life better.

Before you click exit and look for something “encouraging” let me tell you something SUPER encouraging.

Although this blog is about our cells and how everything starts OR stops with how well we maintain our cells. Most people don’t think about the emotional side of us. We are not just body but there is a whole spiritual side to us. There are emotions and if we don’t pay attention to them then we will crash and our body (cells and all) will suffer terribly.

You know what I did to let my stress go last week? I rented a limo from and went downtown Chicago to a concert and then treated myself to a nice restaurant. It was sooo relaxing and fun and I could just enjoy the weekend. It was as if I had pushed a reset button on my stress.  Continue reading

More Sun, please!

Give me sun!

So I have been inside for a while. I mean for a couple days. The sun and I have not been friends for a while. Not on purpose but because I am so busy I have not had time to hang out outside. I have gotten pale and grumpy. I hate being inside all the time! I grew up on a farm, outside, in the sun and surrounded by nature. Eating what I found in the garden and I miss it.

I even realize that I am more easily irritated with my friends and coworkers. That is not good. It did not dawn on me until yesterday that the lack of sun is affecting me this much. WOW! I feel like I learned through my personally experience and I hope you don’t do what I did. Get at least a little sun everyday. Maybe something like 30minutes per day.

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How does what we use on our bodies, the air we breath and everything we touch affect our cells?

Well, lets see. Humans have existed for thousands of years. Chemical products have only excited for a very short time. More and more strange diseases are coming out every day.

Now, before we start worrying and thinking about the apocalypse lets get back to what we do know for sure and what we can do.


Most products we use have an array of ingredients that are actually damaging to our cells. That why I find it important to read the ingredients of products I will use on myself or food I will consume.

Actually I believe that most of us know what we should and should not consume and use but we tend to not pay much attention to it until we get sick or somebody else gets sick of some product they used. This has not happened much in my circles but I am learning and reading a lot in regards to maintaining healthy cells.

You are important.

Why do I say that? You might say: You don’t even know me. Thats true. However, the question is: do we get our worth from what we do, how we look or what?

After all this talk about cells and being careful with ingredients how does that tie in with our worth? Confusing isn’t it. Well that is because we are being conditioned to think in terms of boxes, categories, stages and so on. Our lives, as westerners are lived in boxes. Here is the enjoyment box. Here the career, here the family and somewhere religion. Now what if we lived all of them on the same plain and integrated? Wouldn’t that be fun?

I am suggesting that because I want you to live a fulfilled life. My idea was never to only talk about cells and smack us on the head for how unhealthy we eat or what kind of crappy shampoo we use. I believe that we all know deep in our hearts that many of the things we do and have are not good for us.

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Eating healthy

Hey everyone! It has been a couple days since my last post. I keep learning new things and I would love to share.


Here is something new I learned this week. The constitution was signed by a group of men who cared about the freedom of the people of this country. However, the two doctors that were present were not able to get the “freedom to practice of medicine” into it for whatever reason. That means that now the pharmaceutical world has complete reign over this country. Is that bad?

Having a complete monopoly can be good if the thought and the product are great. Continue reading

Hi there!

Hi world. I just started blogging! There is much information to be shared and I want to be your guide and share my knowledge about how our cell life affects our body and ultimately our happiness.

First of all, what are cells? well, we all went to school or learned to read somewhere. That means that we all have some basic understanding of cells. Okay, so to refresh our memory here it goes. Cells are tiny structures that make up life. They are life the structure of a building. If you don’t have cells, there is no YOU. They are the smallest unit that can replicate itself and it is full of information, nutrients and they are simply mind boggling. Every organism has a different number of cells but I believe that the human body has around a 100 trillion ( I did pay attention to SOME things in school).

A cell:

A cell needs nutrients to reproduce. An cell from an animal is different than a plant cell. Each cell has a function, they make life happen. Cells in the brain are different than in the stomach. Cells are also to small for the human eye to capture. You need a microscope to see them. I still rememeber in high school whe we where in the lab looking at different cells.

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